Support & Assistance

Support & Assistance



  • Spare parts Service
  • On-site mechanical, electrical and electronical assistance
  • Systems maintenance
  • Telephone assistance
  • Remote assistance throught Internet for hardware and software
  • Providing advice and customized quotations

ELISAM can provide for an assistance service always timely, efficient and accurate.

We can give immediate support providing for mechanical spare parts (as motors, gears, cups, etc...), electrical (as contactor, power supply, etc...), PLC and electronical.

Futhermore by internet remote connection we can connect with your system and verify the working status as we were by your side.

Our Assistance Services is always at Your disposal to help in case of difficulties or simply to assist and advise in case of doubts or just during normal processing.

How to contact us:

Remote support software


Phone number for Assistance

+39 0547 58403

E-mail for Assistance

Contact messanging

Telegram --> Elisam Support

E-mail for Spare parts request

Administrative requests

Sales Area e-mail

Our primary target is always satisfaction and tranquillity of our customers.


Possibility to insert advanced customization in according with the customer requirements.
For information:
+39 0547 59257

Why choose

  • For the quality of our facilities, the care and passion with which also the details are treated.
  • For the speed and efficiency in customer service: because we know that your time is precious.
  • For the high technological standards that we can offer to guarantee performance and reliability.