Packing Tables

Ergonomic/High production



  • Designed to maximize production
  • Gentle with Products
  • Ergonomics: to make the Staff work more comfortable


The Elisam Packing tables have been created to maximaze the production and speed of the product packing.

It can be equipped with scales so that workers are able to verify every single package.

The Elisam Packing table can also be customized to work with any kind of packaging included punnets, clamshell and traypack.

Furthermore our Packing tables have been studied following Ergonomic criteria, to help good posture and comfortable movements for operators.

Possibility to insert advanced customization in according with the customer requirements.
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  • For the quality of our facilities, the care and passion with which also the details are treated.
  • For the speed and efficiency in customer service: because we know that your time is precious.
  • For the high technological standards that we can offer to guarantee performance and reliability.