Kiwi grading machine

Kiwi grading machine


Elisam can provide to his customers Grading Systems for Kiwi.

In addition to distributing different product classes with an accuracy of +/- 1 gr, we can separate flat kiwi from the one with regular shape and analyse the External defects of the fruit.

With our HD cameras we can make a separatation of kiwi by color gradient. (greenish or brownish) This is quite impossible by any other system.

We would underscore the high speed of our machine (over 15 tr/sec) that allows an incredible production level while always ensuring great care of the product.

If you have a particular product, we are able to develop a system tailored to you
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  • For the quality of our facilities, the care and passion with which also the details are treated.
  • For the speed and efficiency in customer service: because we know that your time is precious.
  • For the high technological standards that we can offer to guarantee performance and reliability.