Cherries sorting equipments

Cherries sorting equipments



  • Packaging systems
  • Tracciability of product in the Company
  • Labelling


Elisam can provide its customers complete solutions for peaches and nectarines processing: from the loading of the product into the machine until the working tables where the packaging is done.

We also provide the possibility for our clients to create complete systems, thanks to our partnership with GP Graders and Ellips.

We are at your disposal to discuss your production and packaging requirements and to find the best solution to satisfy your needs.

If you have a particular product, we are able to develop a system tailored to you
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Why choose

  • For the quality of our facilities, the care and passion with which also the details are treated.
  • For the speed and efficiency in customer service: because we know that your time is precious.
  • For the high technological standards that we can offer to guarantee performance and reliability.