Drying Tunnels

Powerful/High Efficiency



  • High Capacity
  • High Efficiency
  • Perfect Drying
  • Attractive Design



We studied our Drying Tunnel (after washing and / or waxing) to satisfy every possible need and to provide an high quality Machine.

This machine is made with the focus of Energy Efficiency without neglecting the Performance. Easy to clean in every part. Also suitable for the grading of products with leafs.

Futhermore we created it elegant and slender because the aesthetical look is always of primary importance.

Possibility to insert advanced customization in according with the customer requirements.
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Why choose

  • For the quality of our facilities, the care and passion with which also the details are treated.
  • For the speed and efficiency in customer service: because we know that your time is precious.
  • For the high technological standards that we can offer to guarantee performance and reliability.