External quality grading systems

External quality grading systems



  • High quality algorithms to detect defects, stalk, navel, etc...
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Possibility to separate superfiacial defects from dark defects
  • Possibility to detect defect by percentage, absolut extension and amount


How many rotten spots does a pear have? What percentage of the apple is rotten - and what is the most rotten spot? For some properties of the fruit the color module alone is not enough. Shape and context are also important to determine and distinguish specific properties, such as navel and stalk, mould, scratches and other defects. For these properties the intelligent quality module is the solution.

In combination with infrared cameras, even defects and bruises just under the skin can be detected.

Moreover is possible to distinguish among superficial defects and deep defects and create different classes for different kind of defects.

Possibility to insert advanced customization in according with the customer requirements.
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