Apples and pears grading machines

Apples and pears grading machines

Grading & Sorting Machines for Apples and Pears:

Bin Tipper
GranTorino, GrantorinoM, GranTorinoNW, GranTorinoB
Water Lines
Multihead Weigher

We can Grade apple and pears by:




Elisam has been deeply committed in the development of the GranTorino grading machine to offer a grading and sorting machine particularly delicate and performing for processing of apples and pears.

Both products are extremely delicate and require a special attention, especially during the drop out of the product.

In the case of long pears (as the Abate kind), we developed a grading machine (GTB) that can calibrate product by weight and size and allow a quick packing.

In addition, thanks to the cooperation with the company Palm, we are able to offer a complete solution for the processing of the product in water.

If you have a particular product, we are able to develop a system tailored to you
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